Bench; ebonized red oak, cowhide leather, carbon monofilament
Fall 2023 | 16 weeks
Solo project
Buhok is made from three elements: the ebonized oak frame, the leather cushion, and the hair-like carbon monofiliment; these are the characters used to represent our story with products and usability. Its minimal shape retains a subdued silhouette to emphasize the key piece in Buhok: the hair binding all the forms together. To represent an object's usability: the leather cushion. To show a product in its most basic form: the frame. Finally, to represent the individual combining these two elements together: the hair. A common signifier of humans, I chose hair as a representation of us because of its ability to flow and shine - a uniqueness similar in every individual. The materials coalesce in a juxtaposition of both natural and handmade to the machined and industrial. Buhok hopes to make an observer pause and, whether brief or long, contemplate and appreciate humanity's ability to make these sculptures functional.
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